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Now We are Offering Therapy Service. Learn more

Cancellation policy

New patients who do not complete their Registration and Intake Forms by 5pm the day before their appointment will have to reschedule their appointment. This allows the provider ample time to review your case prior to your appointment. Due to high demand for services, it is important that patient’s honor the time reserved for their appointment. Therefore, appointments canceled less with than 24-business hours will be charged. No show would be charged full fee. Failure to complete the new intake paperwork and then showing up for appointment, you will be charged full fee and the service you paid for will be forfeited. As appointment cannot be done without the new intake paperwork.

Appointment location

All patients are seen online via our secured, HIPAA compliant platform. It is important to remember that you must be in Minnesota, Idaho, Iowa, Arizona, Florida, New Hampshire, Washington, Nebraska, and Oregon to receive services. If you are out of the provider’s jurisdiction your session will be disconnected. Providers must legally be licensed at your appointment location to provide services.

Prescription refill policies

Prescription refills non controlled medications

If a refill is needed for a non-controlled medication outside of an appointment, call your pharmacy to submit the request. Please allow at least 72 hours (3 business days) for this request at a minimum. Remember, you must have an appointment already scheduled on your medical providers calendar to request a refill. Ample Grace requires all patients taking medication to be seen for an appointment at regular intervals and a minimum of once per month to obtain prescription refills. If you have not had an appointment within three months, Ample Grace Psychiatry will not be able to fill your prescription. Remember that your providers schedule fills up weeks ahead, so please plan accordingly.   If your prescription is a controlled substance (as is the case for most medications for ADHD), please see the “Controlled Medications” section below as there are special policies for these prescriptions.

Prescription refills – controlled medications

As with non-controlled medications, in general all refill requests should be made during appointment times. Exceptions are made for changes to your medication between appointments or the unforeseen need for refills/rescheduling issues beyond your control.   Stimulants (most medications for ADHD, including Ritalin or its generic equivalent methylphenidate, Adderall, Focalin, Concerta, Vyvanse, etc.), and benzodiazepines are controlled substances. Since these medications are easily abused and there is an illegal market for these medications, the DEA and the Board of Medicine monitor prescribing and refill practices for these medications. If you are prescribed one of these medications, it is critical that you follow the entire controlled medication policy in the patient portal.

Controlled Substances

At this time, given federal regulatory requirements related to remote prescribing practices, Ample Grace Psychiatry does not authorize the prescription of any controlled substances to patients outside the state of Minnesota. Controlled substances include, but are not limited to benzodiazepines, stimulants, sedatives/hypnotics, narcotics, etc. Patients who require treatment with a controlled substance and live outside the state of Minnesota will need to seek such treatment outside Ample Grace Psychiatry.

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